2013 Misc Max Reps Pull up Competition (Prizes/Mod Reps)

The competition will be 1 set of Max Pull ups.


Competition dates
April 11, 2013- June 16, 2013 9pm EST
You can submit multiple videos during this time period!

Prizes- See Thread

Pull up requirements- 

1. It must show date/time on a cell phone. If weight and pull ups are split videos, time/date must be shown in both (less than 12 hours apart)
2. You must show yourself weighing in on a scale. This means your entire body in view, on a scale, that shows your weight.
3. The competitor must be in full view during the entire duration of the pull-ups.
4. The pull-ups must start from a dead hang position.
5. The body must be raised until the chin is over the bar and then lowered until the elbows are locked out. This would be one rep.
6. The grip is pronated (palms facing away from you) and width of hands is shoulder width apart or wider.
7. There will be no kipping or any excessive movement that allows you to gain momentum
8. Pull up reps will not be counted if there is excessive leg movement, hip movement, or kipping
9. Only those reps meeting the requirements will be counted.
10. No gloves or straps of any kind are authorized.
11. Chalk and Liquid Grip are authorized.
12. At no time can you use anything but your hands to stay on the bar. Two hands must be on the bar at all times.
13. In case of a TIE. The video that was submitted first will win the tie breaker.

The classes will be as follows. You may only enter one class, which you will declare with your video submission. You can change classes later on.

Male Lightweight <165lbs
Male Middleweight 165.1-190lbs
Male Heavyweight 190.1-215
Male Super Heavyweight 215.1+lbs

Female All Weights