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Marine Recruiter Portable Pull up bar (advanced)

This is a detailed description of the Pull up bar used by Marine recruiters.
I used this pullup bar Sept of 2013 I will try to get detailed photos and do a write up.
it looks less expensive and easier to assemble.


Marine Pullup Bar.pdf


Two- 20 ft. (240 in) Square tubing 1.5 in 14 gauge $22.11ea
One- 3/4 x 48 inch steel sch. 40 pipe $12.76
One- 36 inches of Solid 1.25 inch Square Steel Bar $49.72* *(or buy 36in 1.25 square tubing (not solid) for $15.00)
12- Count 3/8″ x 2″ Hex Bolt $ 4.26
12- Count 3/8″-in Standard Split Lock Washers $3.27
12- Count 3/8″-Hex Nuts $ 3.54
Total :$ 95.66 *
*Cutting Drilling and welding not included in the cost.

What to do:

Cut each 20 ft. piece into these segments (inches) 45,48,28,28,46,44.5 = 239.5 in (The 28 inch segments will need 45 degree cut on each end)
Cut the square bar into these segments 2,2,6,6,3.5,3.5,3.5,3.5 (inches)
Drill Holes and weld where appropriate follow the diagram in this Marine pull-up Bar.pdf

Optional Supply’s:

Drilling DEWALT 3/8 in. Titanium Pilot-Point Drill Bit $ 9.24 How to drill Metal
Cutting- Lenox 12 in. x 32 TPI Hacksaw Blades 10-pk  $15.20 How to cut with a hacksaw Welding – I would pay to have someone weld

Custom Dip Bars for a squat rack (Intermediate) 

1 in. x 10 ft. Black Steel Pipe$19.76
Crown Bolt 2 in. x 72 in. Angle 1/8 in. Thick Plain Steel $24.97
2 x 4 x 8 Stud (for Jig) $2.67
Rust-Oleum Spray Paint $3.98 Welding Services $10-$20
Total: 51.18
Tools: Saw, tape measure, pencil, nails, welder, hacksaw, hammer, file, paint.

Style Options: You can also use three segments of angled steel. Welding it into one solid “V” shape.

What to do:

Extreme out door pull up bar (Intermediate) 


Two 4×6 x 10ft $37.14
One 1 x 72 Gas Pipe $22.48
Three 50 lb Quikrete $14.94
Two 1 inch floor Flanges $19.92
One can Paint $3.98
One 1 3/8 Steel Flat Bit $5.65
Eight 2 inch x 1/4 bolts & washers $3.12
Total: 107.23

What to do:

Notes: I recommended a drill guide 29.96 to drill the holes straight through.
If you do not want to drill a hole. Screw the flanges onto the pipe at each end. Have a muffler shop weld the pipe to the flange (cost- $20.00 or less). Bolt to the insides of the post with eight 2 inch or more inch hex screws.

Calf Block (Easy) 

Supplies: One 2 x 6 x 8 3M Step and Ladder Tread Tape

What to do: Cut the 8 ft 2×6 into 4 pieces Screw two of them together screw the other two perpendicular  to the sandwiched pieces I used a flat metal plate bolted underneath to keep the boards from flipping when you put weight on one side. You can use the left over boards.

Ceiling mounted pull up bar assembly (Easy)



One- 48 inch black iron pipe 1 inch thick
Two- 90 degree right angles joints
Two- floor flanges
Eight- lag bolts and locking washers (for the floor flanges)
Eight- lag bolts and washers (to bolt the board to the ceiling)
Two- (short) iron pipe 1 inch thick (Length is up to you 8,10,12,16,18in)
One- 2×6 6 ft board

What to do:

  • Following the photo assemble the Iron pipe and floor flange.
  • Once built (I strongly recommend taking it to a muffler shop and having them run a bead of weld around all the joints.)
  • Bolt the 2x6x6 to the ceiling crossing FOUR joists. Two bolts per joists.(pre drill the holds though the 2x6x6 and the joists to prevent splitting)
  • Mount the finished bar to the board mounted to the ceiling.


Ceiling mounted pull up bar (Advanced)

This Pull up bar is home-made. I don’t have a how to video for it. It is 15 inches from the ceiling and 88 inches off the ground.  




Three 1-1/2 in. x 36 in. Flat Bar 3/16 in. Thick Plain Steel $28.74
One- 3/4 in. x 48 in. Black Steel Sch. 40 Pipe $12.76
One- 1/2 in. x 4 ft. Rebar $2.98
One- 2 x 4 x 8 Stud (for Jig) $2.67
One- Rust-Oleum Spray Paint $3.98
Four 3 x 3/8 inch hex screws, & locking washers. $3.12
Total: $ 54.25 + welding services

Tools: Hacksaw, file, drill with 3/8 bit, torch, welder, tape Measure, vice

What to Do:

  • Take one of the 36 x 1.5 in flat steel strips cut it in half. They will be the two top straps.
  • Heat and bend the other two 36 in pieces into a U shape (You could cut them in half and make a “V” Instead. There will be no need for bending or a torch this way)
  • Welded the top of the “U” or “V” to the 18 inch top strap 15 inches apart, leaving 1.5 in on each end for bolting to the ceiling.
  • Welded the Pipe to the bottom of the “U” or “V” (welded where the “V” meets.)
  • Put the Re-bar into the Sch. 40 pipe and welded at both ends for extra strength.
  • Drill holes for bolts and mount into the ceiling studs.


Dip Belt (Easy) 

This is a cheap and easy dip belt

8 ft climbing webbing $5.00
One carabiner $5.00
Total: 10.00





Pull up bar Modification (Advanced)

When I got my first rack I wanted a straight pull up bar instead of the cambered one it came with. Many racks come with bars that aren’t adequate. This isn’t a universal “How To” guide but a basic guide on what to do since every rack is different.


One- 3/4 in. x 60 in. Black Steel Sch40 Pipe  14.99
One- 1-1/2in x 36in Flat Bar 3/16in Steel 28.74
One-2 x 4 x 8 Stud (for Jig) 2.67
Total: 46.40


What to Do:

First make sure your bar is long enough for how wide your rack is. Figure out if you need a “L” shape or just a 6 inch flat section to attach your pull up bar to. The powertec rack only needs a “I” strip. Measure and cut the flat steel drill holes to match existing ones. Cut the pipe on each end to the width of the rack. These cuts need to be straight! Wrap masking tape around the bar and follow the line. Build a wood Jig to hold everything in place to be Tac welded. The end plates need to match one another or it will not bolt back together. They can’t be skewed or rotated off center.

Tips: You want to save $29 you can just hacksaw the pull up bar beam off and weld the pipe to the inside of the existing plate.

Mounting Olympic Rings (Easy)

Why did I mount them this way?
I was looking for a way to mount my rings to the ceiling and easily adjust the width between the straps


One- 3/4 in. x 60 in. Black Steel Sch40 Pipe  14.99
Two- threaded end caps
Three- Screw Eyelets that will fit onto the bar.

What to Do:

Find the center of each beam in a straight line perpendicular to the rafters. Screw in each eyelet. Put one end cap on the pipe and tighten. Slide it though all three eyelets and attach the second Threaded end cap. Feed the straps around the pipe and you’re done.

Tips: use rock climbing stringers and carabiners for easy removal.

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