Printable Tables

Percentage of your 1 rep max table.(prints portrait 8.5 x 11)
Example: write down your max in the 100% column, find what % of your max you want to lift/warm up with.

Single max rep table for bench press, squat and dead lift, based on 1-10 reps with percentage reference.(prints landscape on 8.5 x 14)

Contest training: Heavy weighted pull ups

I have been training Weighted pull-ups twice a week along with my regular routine. They have been paired with Squat day and Deadlift day. Monday Squat/wt pullups, Tuesday Bench, Thursday Deadlift/wt pullups, Friday Shoulders.

On Monday (squat day) For Weighted Pullup train with 50%-65% of your max for 12-6 reps. As you progress though your sets decrease your reps increase the weight.
warm up 5 bodyweight reps 2 sets of 5 reps with 15-25%
set 1-12 reps
set 2-10 reps
set 3-8 reps
set 4-6 reps

On Thursday (Deadlifts) For Weighted pull-ups train with 65%-90% of your max for 6-1 rep. As you progress though your sets decrease your reps increase the weight.
warm up 5 body weight reps 1 set 15-25%, 1 set of 3 with 50%
set 1-6 reps
set 2-4 reps
set 3-2 reps
set 4-1 rep

Over time you will want to increase your reps on each set, once you are ready add weight to those sets bringing the reps back down.

Once you get down to 6 reps on light day and singles on heavy days you can pyramid back; increasing your reps and lowering the weight. Once an a while test your endurance with a common weight as a Bench Mark. For example mine are 100 lbs 14 reps, 135 lbs 8 reps, 160 lbs 5 reps, 180 lbs 3 reps. Lower weight bench marks could be 25lbs, 35 lbs, 45lbs, 50 lbs, 70 lbs, 90 lbs.

Contest training: Max set of pull ups

  • 4 sets of max reps. (basic routine)
  • 100 reps for “best time”.                                                                                   (Take your max and multiply by 4, round to 25,50,75, or 100. Now your first few sets should be half your max reps so you don’t burn out, keep your rest times short. This should take less than 20 mins. You will probably be doing singles toward the end. Do this 3 times a week for a week. My best time is 100 in 8:38 and my max is 36.)
  • A different take on 100 pull-ups for time is the opposite, most pull-ups in 5 minutes.
  • One max set a day every day for 5 days on 2 days off.                                             (Do this for a week, great way to test your max while training)
  • 5 sets of your max reps with only a 5 min break between sets. (3-4 times a week)
  • Low weight weighted pull ups, you want your new max set to be more than half your normal max set. (you can use this for any of the above routines.)

Other Routines

One group a day routine:

  • Sun- chest / legs (bench press, incline, pullovers, flys. leg extensions/ curls, calfs)
  • Mon- back (pull ups, wt. pull ups, deadlifts, cable rows)
  • Tue- arms (bent over curls, laying tricep extensions, wrist curls/ext, push downs, curls)
  • Wed- Legs (squat, leg press, calls, leg curls/extensions)
  • Thur- shoulders ( standing press, front raises, rear delt fly’s, cable side raises)           (I pyramid my reps and weight, decrease the reps increase the weight.)

Push / pull / legs:

  • A- Back, Biceps (Wt pullups, deadlifts, rows)
  • B- Chest, Triceps Shoulders (incline, standing press, dips pushdowns)
  • C- Legs (back squats, front squats, leg curls, leg extentions)

Push Pull:

  • A- Push (Incline,Squats,standing press,front squats,dips,leg extentions,calfs)
  • B- Pull (Wt. pull-ups,deadlifts,rows,leg curls,bicep curls)

Power Lifting Routine This is a routine I pieced together form Mark Rippetoe starting strength. I gained 20 lbs from this routine and I also got a better understanding of power-lifting moments. I didn’t think I could squat 3 days a week but it turned out I didn’t have any issues, and it actually worked out well. Three warm-up sets at 40-65% Three working sets of 5 reps with weight increase

Print this routine.(prints portrait 8.5 x 11)